We have all been through a stage where we have had an employer, senior or team leader who has never acknowledged our efforts. Or maybe helped a friend in times of need but received only indifference from them. Well, you can do nothing about that at all. But yes, one thing you can do is a not do what they have done! You donat want to see lack of appreciation towards you. This means that you must show appreciation wherever you find it possible. However, you may be having certain doubts about appreciating a why, when, how and what. Below are the answers to all these questions, emphasizing more on the importance of appreciation as being the quality of a team leader.

Why appreciate?

In this world of rudeness and coldness, you may ask what the need of appreciation is. So, you must also know that the present time is when you highly need to build up good relations and a good rapport with people if you want to survive in this competitive world. This is where appreciation can help you.

As a team leader, when you appreciate someone for their good deeds, it also lets them feel good and boosts up their capabilities to work harder, which will in turn help in improving the work of the entire team.

What to appreciate?

Okay, you are ready to appreciate. But, what should you appreciate? You can appreciate those around for any kind of accomplishment they have made  a student for his academics result, a struggler for his victory, a professional for completion of an important project, etc. One of the most important things a when someone has done something good for you, you definitely need to appreciate it and thank him or her. Remember that a Thank youa is also an appreciation.

As a team leader, you will want to appreciate the efforts put in by your team members in order to boost up their confidence and skills. You may also want to appreciate the most hard-working member of the team because his efforts have greatly impacted the success of the business.

When to appreciate?

There is no a when to the act of appreciation. You may and must appreciate a person as soon as you hear of a good deed he has done or something good he has accomplished. Remember that the sooner, the better. Your early appreciation will bring it as a reward for him. It also helps in building a stronger bond between both of you.

As a team leader, appreciate your team members as soon as you get beneficial results for your organization. It will bring a smile to their face and will energize them to work better.

How to appreciate?

There are many ways to appreciate others. If you are office colleagues, you can do it with a hug or handshake as per your personal relationship with him. If you are friends, you can definitely congratulate him while also asking him for a celebration. If it is someone who stays far away from you, you can also say it via an email or phone call.

As a team leader, you can appreciate the efforts of a team member in front of all the others in a conference, or you may arrange a special meeting for the celebration. Whatever you do, make sure you donat overdo it which makes the other team members feel dejected.

Now that you have all your doubts cleared, you are in a better position to appreciate one and all around you. Appreciating those below you in the right manner is also one of the traits of a team leader. For effective and result-oriented leadership training, you can approach MARG, who has been successfully helping teams and organizations with corporate trainings since the past 9 years. zoloft no rx, order lioresal.