MS Outlook (Basic and Advanced)

Participant profile: All professionals looking for effective time management through using outlook effectively. Email management,advanced task management and calendar functionalities go a long way to streamline workload and prioritization becomes easier.

Course Outline:

Email Management functionality

  • Exploring the outlook interface
  • Setting up Accounts(signature/html/logo)
  • Message Overview
  • Folders
  • Special Views
  • Categories in Outlook
  • Email Productivity Tips

Advanced calendar functionality to aid team/personal productivity

  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Managing multiple calendars
  • Scheduling a resource
  • Views
  • Managing your time (Recurrence, Busy vs Free, Sync)
  • Calendar Productivity Tips

Shared Task Management, Delegation and Tracking

  • Creating a task
  • Categories
  • Views
  • Delegation and Tracking
  • Task Productivity Tips

Productivity in Outlook

  • Managing and Tracking Projects
  • Advanced search and find
  • Archiving and mailbox Management

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